The museum has around 150 models and specimens of the human. The museum also displays cross sectional specimens, skeletons, radiographs and developmental anatomy models.

Anatomy Dept., JNU Hospital Jaipur
Anatomy Dept., JNU Hospital Jaipur
Anatomy Dept., JNU Hospital Jaipur

Research Lab

Newly established research laboratory is well equipped with all amenities required for tissue processing, sectioning and staining.

Dissection Hall

The excellent cadaver preservation facilities include 6 cold chambers which can accommodate 6 cadavers. Formalin tanks for cadaver preservation and wash area is also available. The teaching-learning process is enhanced by normal X-ray, MRI, CT scan images and embryology models. The individual bones and articulated skeletons are also made accessible to the students during working hours.

Dissection Hall, JNU Hospital Jaipur

Histology Laboratory

Students are provided with individual microscopes and slides during routine practical classes and a binocular microscope with LCD TV attachment for the projection of slides on TV for teaching. The lab is also well equipped with tissue processing instruments, e.g. tissue embedder, microtome etc. to make slides for teaching purposes.

Histology Laboratory, JNU Hospital Jaipur

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